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Tuition Discounts


CECLC is proud to offer discounts to our families.


* Multiple Child Discount


A 15% discount will be applied to all accounts for families who enroll more than 1 child Full Time (5 DAYS).


* Pre-Pay Discount


A 5% discount will be applied to all families who pre-pay their tuition one month in advance. In order to take advantage, families must make a request in the office. All monthly tuition is due on the first of the month.


* Family Scholarship


On occasion, financial situations change, yet the need for continued care remains. Families who are temporarily unable to make their regular payments may apply for a tuition scholarship. Applications are available in the office and will be submitted to the Board of Directors for review.

Vacation Days

CECLC recognizes that families will occasionally take vacation time or sick time. We offer "Vacation Days" for families to use in those instances! These are days for which families will not need to pay tuition.


Depending on the enrollment agreement, each qualifying family is allotted the equivalent of 2 weeks in Vacation Days to use, with the exception of Infant enrollments, who are allotted 1 week.


Not all enrollment schedules allow for Vacation Days. Please check with the office if you are unsure about how many Vacation Days you have been allotted.


Vacation Days are "banked" beginning September 1, and can be used most days throught the entire year, right up until August 31.


Vacation Days cannot be used on days during which CECLC is closed.


All Vacation Days must be requested, in writing, on the Vacation Days Log which is posted on the door to the Finance Office.


Once a family has used all of their allotted Vacation Days, any absences will still be charged.


Any unused Vacation Days will not roll over into the next year.


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