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During the major holidays, we love to celebrate with families and friends. Classrooms usually hold small parties. Families can choose to make small donations of food items or decorations from time to time.


From time to time, we bring in special guests like magicians, animal shows, puppetteers and authors. Our children love these short presentations!

Field Trips

Starting in Preschool, your child's class may participate in local field trips. A handful of exciting adventures are scheduled throughout the year. Parents are offered an opportunity to chaperone these excursions!

Summer Send Off

We think it's a big deal when our children age out of our programs or leave us for the summer, so we make sure to celebrate with them one last time! The entire day is spent holding field races and special events. It's one of the best days of the year!

Swim Lessons

At the beginning of each summer, CECLC provides bus transportation and staff to chaperone a 2 week swim lesson program offered at the Pal-Mac pool. Lessons are at an additional cost and are optional.


Night Out

Each December, we give parent's an opportunity to drop off their children for an evening of care. This Parent's Night Out is the perfect opportunity to do a little holiday shopping or simply enjoy an evening out! We serve dinner and have many fun activities planned for your little ones!

Special Events


Here at CECLC, every day is special, but some days are EXTRA special!


Family Celebrations

From time to time we invite family members in for special celebrations. We've done Tea with Mom, Day with Dad, and Cookies & Cocoa!

Family Picnic

Each summer we throw the party of the year with our Family Picnic. We rent a bounce house, invite special vendors, and have raffles. Each family brings a donation and we spend the evening enjoying the family atmosphere!

Spirit Weeks

Our Program Coordinator and our Program Committee go out of their way to plan extra special weeks throughout the year. These Spirit Weeks are full of themed activities for all age groups.


We've done Cowboy Campouts, Hawaiian Dance Parties, Ooey Gooey Days, Superhero Training Camps and so much more!

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