Lynn Raker

Toddler 1

Miss Lynn is our Toddler 1 Lead Teacher.  Lynn, who has her Masters in Early Childhood Education, has over ten years of childcare experience and has been at CECLC since 2016.  Being soft spoken and her nurturing personality makes Lynn the perfect fit for our toddler program!  Lynn is dedicated to giving the children in her care an enriching program full of hands-on experiences, large motor exploration and outdoor time.  Not only does Lynn love working here, but loves that her children can attend our programs as well.   

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Mariah Johnson

Preschool 1

Mariah, a Pal-Mac graduate, came to CECLC in July 2019.  She is the second of three children and was raised in a large extended family of younger cousins which she attributes to her love of children.  Although she loves all age groups, the toddler age is her favorite.  Mariah's outgoing demeanor, bubbly personality and friendliness make her the perfect fit for this age group.  She loves getting actively involved in the children's play, encourages them to try new activities and to begin developing self-help skills.  Mariah doesn't shy away from messy play but instead emerges herself into it, alongside the children in her program.  

Mariah hopes to one day become a pediatric nurse in a NICU, but until then, says she is happy spending her days playing with the kiddos in her program.

When she isn't at work, Mariah enjoys travelling and spending time with friends, family and her fiance. 

Margaret Smith

School-Age 2 & UPK

Margaret came to Creative in May of 2019 after moving back to the area from Kansas.  Margaret lives in Palmyra with her husband, Dale, of 34 years and enjoys spoiling her pets Dozer and Zoe, spending time outdoors and working on her rat rod.  Margret is a proud mother of two children and has been blessed with 2 grandsons and twin grand-daughters.  

She is a favorite among the children and staff here at CECLC!  Margaret has spent time in all of our programs, however, primarily assists in our School-Age and Universal Pre-Kindergarten Programs.  She loves to get involved in the children's play and engages in hands-on activities with the children.  Don't be surprised if you see her playing kickball on the hill or elbow deep in a sensory bin!  

Margaret is an integral part of CECLC and we love having her share her experiences with us!  

Karen Blair

Infant 1

Karen, who is our Infant I Lead Teacher came to us in 2014 with a plethora of childcare experience.  She has a Bachelor in Early Child Care Education and loves all age groups!  When Karen first joined us, she assisted in our toddler program before switching hats and heading into our School-Age & UPK programs.  After a couple of years working in that capacity, Karen again switched hats and became a Lead Teacher in our Infant Program.  

No matter what age group she works in, the children in her care are given an enriched program that promotes social, emotional and physical development.  

When Karen isn't busy here at work or at home raising her two boys, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and caring for animals.  

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Jami Gottermeier

Schhol-Age 2

Jami was originally from North Carolina before moving to Marion with her family.  After graduating she went on to study fine arts at MCC and minored in psychology with a focus on early childhood development.  Coming from a large family, Jami is the oldest of four children and was raised closely with her 17 younger cousins which has helped form her love of children.

Jami knew her love of children, combined with her knowledge of early childhood psychology would go far in helping her achieve her goal of having a career in childcare.  She also knows that her knowledge and love of fine arts can be shared with the school-agers in her care.  Jami has always wanted to work with children and knows her formal education as well as her experience as a mother will aid her in running a successful program.

Since her time here, she has truly enjoyed seeing the children in her care grow both creatively and artistically.  They just needed a spark to ignite their interest, which was easy for Jami to do.  She simply makes art and music a large part of their daily routines.  Jami wants all of her students to feel confident in their abilities, to have the self esteem needed to take pride in themselves and to embrace their uniqueness.

When not at work, Jami is spending time with her son Jayden, visiting with family and friends or taking time to work on her art or music.  Jami is also bi-lingual (German) and is a huge Disney and Harry Potter fan.


Tracy DiPerri


Miss Tracy joined our CECLC team in 2017. After a few years in the Optical field, she is excited to return to Early Childhood Education. She has 4 previous years of experience at another childcare center. She has a bubbly personality and a "can-do" attitude which make her the perfect fit in our busy Preschool Programs!

Tracy lives locally with her husband. She loves to stay busy with outdoor activities and enjoys doing charity work in her spare time.

Sarah Mayo

Preschool 2

Sarah is an enthusiastic member of our exceptional teaching team! She is currently working as the Assistant Teacher in the Preschool II classroom. She came to CECLC in 2017 with previous experience in childcare at 2 other centers. She has a passion for children.  Sarah says "working with them and watching them grow as individuals is very rewarding."  We are thrilled that she is able to share her talents with us.  


Sarah lives locally, and she loves that CECLC is so close to home!  In her spare time she loves spending time at her family cabin, spending time with friends and family and taking her dog, Luna, to the dog park for puppy play dates.   

Mary Carpenter

Infant 1

Miss Mary who has been working with children since the age of 16 joined the Creative family in 2004.  Mary who has been married to her best friend and soulmate for over 18 years is a mother to three and grandmother of two.  Her family has recently grown as she gained a daughter-in-law. 

Mary has a wide array of interests including collecting all things Native American, being outdoors, hiking, gardening and hosting family gatherings.  

When asked why she has made a career of working with children, Mary said "working with children just comes naturally to me.  I just absolutely love working with them.  I learned at a young age what my calling is." Mary couldn't be more right.  She is a natural and children are drawn to her mothering and protective nature.  She can confidently work with any age group but prefers to snuggle the babies. 

Mary is not only a favorite among her co-workers but of the families here as well! 

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Erin Price

School-Age 1

Erin comes to CECLC with degrees in both Education and Counseling from Niagara University and a plethora of experience working with children.  Not only has Erin been watching children since the age of 13, she has also worked professionally within Newark CSD, Victor CSD, Lewiston Porter CSD, and Eastridge Senior High.  Teaching is her passion and she hopes to one day become a Kindergarten teacher, although she currently loves working in our Before and After School Program where she can help our kiddos learn and succeed.  

Erin comes from a large Italian family and was raised with many cousins.  When she is not at work, Erin is researching the Royal Family and spending time with her two four-legged babies, Sadie & Coco.

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Sandy Stell

Preschool 3

Miss Sandy has been a teacher here at CECLC since 2002! She is a favorite among our Preschool children. Sandy can often be found reading stories with a large group of children surrounding her!


Prior to beginning her career at our center, Sandy had nine years of experience in childcare.


Sandy and her husband live in Palmyra. They enjoy camping trips and spending time with family.

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Lexie Jackson

Toddler 2

Lexie joined the Creative team in December 2019 and has since demonstrated her genuine love of children on a daily basis.  Lexie's outgoing, friendly, yet silly personality makes her the perfect fit for our Toddler Program.  Lexie uses redirection, encouragement and developmentally appropriate techniques in the classroom and easily shrugs off the not-so-fun behaviors commonly known as "the terrible two's"   As she knows children learn best through play, Lexie engages the children in her classroom in hands-on, active play throughout the day while stressing the importance of gentle touches, kind words and taking turns while teaching empathy to the children in her care.  

When asked why she loves working with children, Lexie replied "I love working with children because every day is a new and exciting adventure!  Working with children is just wonderful!  I can't wait to see what each new day will bring!"

When Lexie is not at work, she can be found baking, hiking, watching movies or spending time with friends and family.

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Nancy Roets

Foster Grandparent - UPK/Preschool 3

Grandma Nancy came to Creative Environment in January 2020.  She grew up in Marion, however, has lived in Atlanta, Georgia and San Diego, California.  In 2000 she earned her B.A with a major in History and a minor in Women's Studies from Cal State San Marcos, California.  While in San Diego, she spent five years working for a child care agency called the "Golden Granny's" who provided child care for families on vacation.  Nancy moved back to the area in 2006. 

She is excited to be part of the CECLC team and has enjoyed every moment of the transition from being a "Golden Granny" to being Grandma Nancy!"  We love that Grandma jumps feet first into all of the children's activities.  She assists the children during center time in the classroom, gets involved in their large motor play and never turns down a game of tag!  

We love having Nancy here, she has quickly acclimated herself and has become part of our family!

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Kathryn Roach

Infant 1 & 2

Kathryn joined the CECLC family in March 2019.  Although Kathryn had originally planned a career in Healthcare, she states she loves working in childcare and working in the infant program gives her the opportunity to cuddle babies.   She loves watching as the infants meet their milestones and takes joy in celebrating those milestones with our families.  

Kathryn has many hobbies, however spending time with friends, family, travelling and watching movies are among her favorites.

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Killey Hallings

Support Staff

Miss Killey has been with the CECLC family since 2013. She found her love for watching children while babysitting her 2 nephews. Killey comes from a large family with six siblings. She and two of her brothers are triplets!

Killey, a support staff, is happy to help out wherever she is needed.  She has worked as a long term substitute in our classrooms, has helped with assisting the Associate Director with office responsibilities and is able to cover for our Nutritional Coordinator when needed.  She is flexible, dedicated and meticulous.  

In her free time, she likes to read and work on 3D puzzles. She has also recently taken up long-boarding!  Killey says "I love working here and playing with the kids. It brings a smile to my heart every day!"

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