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Welcome to Our Parents' Corner!

Here at CECLC we have an open door policy! We 100% encourage parent engagement in our classrooms whenever possible. Parents are encouraged to check in with our teachers at any point during the day through a phone call or message to ask about how their childs day is going. We also encourage parent participation in our programs through a variety of ways as well.

Chaperone a field trip!

During school breaks and summer vacation our center goes on lots of field trips! Parents are always welcome and encouraged to come along and help out our teachers by serving as extra eyes and ears. If you are aware of an upcoming field trip and are interested in coming along just stop in the office or message us!

Read to your childs class!

Our center is highly focused on working on literacy skills. We know how important it is to encourage independent reading in addition to reading to our children consistently every day. If you are interested in coming in to a classroom to read a book to the class, just reach out to the teacher to ask about what time could work for both of you!

Celebrate your child's birthday!

Parents are always welcome to come in on their children's birthdays and enjoy a special treat with the class! Check with your childs teacher about what time works best for the class schedule and if anybody has any food allergies and join us for some fun! 

If you are unable to join us for your childs birthday, feel free to send in a treat in the morning for them to enjoy with their friends!

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