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Infant 1


Infant 2



Our Infant 1 classroom is for children ages 6 weeks through approximately 1 year. Your baby will receive all of the love and care you would expect, and then some!


Our infants do not follow a set schedule, rather they are cared for "on demand". Parents are provided a "daily sheet" which allows you to read all about your baby's day. We'll tell you how they ate, slept, played, felt, and how often they were changed. 


We follow a teacher:child ratio of 1:4, with a maximum of 2 teachers and 8 children in the classroom. However, we have a Foster Grandparent Volunteer who assists in this program as well, providing an extra set of eyes, ear, and loving arms!


Our Infant 2 clssroom is generally for children between the ages of 1 year and 18 months. These babies are on the go and getting into everything!


These babies are learning to feed themselves, use utensils, and are beginning to phase out their morning naps. That being said, any child who needs an extra rest will always be able to!


Our teachers begin to do simple art projects with this class, read stories, and sing songs. Sharing is encouraged.

Parents Need

To Provide...

* Diapers

* Breast milk or formula (if not choosing brand supplied by CECLC)

* Blanket

*Pacifier (if used)

*Extra clothes

Infant Meals

CECLC is committed to exellence in nutrition. We provide Iron Fortified formula in both Premium and Gentle varieties.


We are also able to freeze and store breast milk directly in the classrooms. We even provide the bottles!


CECLC also provides all infant cereals and jar foods. All foods are introduced one at a time, and on the recommendation of the parent and the child's pediatrician. We are also happy to accept parent provided home-made foods.


Once a child is ready to start table foods, parents are given a copy of the menu to highlight which foods they'd like to introduce!


We welcome both disposable and cloth diapers here at CECLC. Parents who choose to use cloth diapers are required to bring in a wet bag to store soiled diapers. All wet bags must be taken home on a daily basis. CECLC cannot launder soiled cloth diapers.

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