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School Age 1 & 2

Our center has 2 School Age room that offers care for children both before and after school as well as full day care during school breaks, days off and summer vacation. 

Our School Age 1 room contains children from grades Kindergarten to Second, while our School Age 2 room has children from Third to Fifth grade. We are able to accept children in our center up until the age of 12!

Our School Age teachers design many engaging activities for our oldest age groups. Our kids participate in things like cooking projects, arts and crafts, writing activities, games, and so much more!

We have a blacktop area, a grassy area and a full playground for our School Age kids to play on in addition to our "BigRoom". We understand how important it is to allow kids this age to have physical activity and we encourage all types of play and activities that keep our kids moving around!

We understand that kids in this age group don't necessarily need as much hands-on care as younger children do, but we still put in lots of effort to engage with and do activities with all of these kids as much as possible. We encourage our teachers to play games with our kids when appropriate in addition to allowing the kids to play with themselves and their peers.

What Do I Need to Provide?

- Water bottle

- An extra set of clothes

- Sneakers for outdoor play

Please consider providing a donation to our classrooms from our Amazon Wishlist!

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