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Toddler 1

Our Toddler 1 classroom is for children ages 18 months to 2 years old. In this room we understand that your child is growing up and is starting to become a "big kid"!

In our room we begin to introduce more of a structure into our daily routine. We have circle time every morning where we discuss things like color, shapes and numbers.


We spend lots of time doing both structured and unstructured play. We have our very own playground and go outside to play on it every day when the weather permits. We also have a slot in our "BigRoom" where our kids are able to build their gross motor skills and work energy out. 

Our classroom is filled with music all of the time and we teach our kids how to use different instruments to make sounds. We also play with lots of sensory bins both inside and outside.

During meal times we begin to introduce sitting in chairs without a buckle for the whole meal, and using spoons and "big kid cups".

Toddler 2

Our Toddler 2 classroom is for children ages 2 to 3 years old.


We recognize that as your child is growing, their needs are changing as well. In this room we begin to introduce the idea of using the potty, but we do not expect children to become fully potty trained during their time in this room. 

Our classroom continues to have structure just like Toddler 1, but we get more specific. During our circle time we interact more with things like letters, numbers, colors and shapes rather than just introducing them to our kids. 

In this room we continue to focus on gross motor skills in our play both inside and outside.

Our classroom also strongly emphasizes learning social skills. We talk a lot about and practice nice hands and sharing toys with friends. We also begin to teach our friends to say "no thank you" when they don't like what someone else is doing, and we emphasize respecting that boundary when it is put in place.

What Do I Need to Provide?

- Diapers

- Water bottle or sippy cup

- An extra set of clothes

- Sneakers for outdoor play

- A napmat or blanket and pillow

- A stuffed animal for naptime (if desired)


Please consider providing a donation to our classrooms from our Amazon Wishlist!

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