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The health of our children and staff is of utmost importance to us here at CECLC. Parents can find information on our health policies in our Parent Handbook.


We know that having a sick child is never a convenience, but for the well-being of everyone at the Center, we ask that ill children remain home. CECLC staff will notify parents immediately if a child develops symptoms of an illness while in care.


As an Asthma Friendly center, endorsed by the American Lung Association, we are required to follow certain health requirements. All sunscreen provided must be cream or lotion based. No aerosols are allowed.


All medications require a Written Consent Form, available in our offices. These must be signed by your child's pedicatrician.


As a not-for profit Center, CECLC takes part in the CACFP Food Program. We receive government assistance in two ways! Throughout the school year, we are eligible to receive free commodity deliveries. We are also eligible to receive reimbursement for the amount of healthy meals we provide.


CACFP is an income-based program, so all families who enroll at the Center are required to fill out an income form. These forms are audited by CACFP.


Your children benefit from this program in so many ways! All menus must be approved by a licensed nutritionist. We serve seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. We serve whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat milk as well!


You can find a copy of our current menus on the Community Bulletin Board in our main hall. We are happy to make you a copy as well!

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