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We have 3 Preschool classrooms here at CECLC. Preschool 1 is typically for children who have recently celebrated their 3rd birthday. Preschool 2 is typically for children between the ages of 3 and 4. Preschool 3 is typically for children between the ages of 4 and 5.


CECLC is a play-based learning center. Each of our Preschool classrooms are set up in "centers". You will find dramatic play, blocks, reading, puzzles and games, manipulatives, art, science, and sensory centers throughout. Our teachers plan specific actvities, based on weekly themes, to help your child develop better understanding of the world around them.


Children have the opportunity to work in small groups, as a whole group, independently, and one on one with a teacher on a daily basis.


Our Preschool classrooms focus on taking turns, sharing, and using kind words to solve a conflict. We believe in using redirection when we encounter challenging behavior and we whole-heartedly believe in second chances.



Parents need

to provide...

* a nap mat or sheet/blanket

* extra clothes

* sneakers for outdoor play

* water bottle

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